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France Blog

France Blog

  • Weddings in Tahiti

    Weddings are very intimate and magical events in any person’s life, which is why crafting the perfect occasion takes quite a lot of time and effort. Perfect, of course, is a relative term here; Each couple with their own unique needs and wants making up their idea of the ‘perfect’ wedding. But, for those dreaming... Read More »

  • Exciting Activities to do in Tahiti

    There is no doubt about it. Tahiti is a beautiful island with a rich culture and amazing people. There is a lot to discover on the island and even more activities that guests can embark on. With that, here are some of the exciting activities to do in Tahiti. Snorkelling When people think about Tahiti, the first thing... Read More »

  • Best time to go to Tahiti

    Tahiti is the largest French Polynesian island. It has beautiful beaches, amazing lagoons, breathtaking waterfalls, and wonderful mountains. It is truly an island paradise with balmy, tropical weather all year round. This is why Tahiti has become a very popular destination for holidays. With that in mind, when is the ... Read More »

  • 4 Dishes to Try in Tahiti

    One of the delights of travelling is eating local cuisine. Experience the flavours of Tahiti by trying the famous poisson cru or enjoying inexpensive and swift food at Les Roulottes. Tahitian cuisine is a fantastic blend of Polynesian tradition with a French twist. In most dishes, you’ll find yams, sweet potatoes, b... Read More »

  • Flowers, Tattoos & the Heiva: A Glimpse of Tahitian Culture

    Few places on earth celebrate life and nature as passionately as Tahiti does. Aside from the swaying palm trees and vividly blue waters, it is the beautiful dancing women with flower crowns, muscled men with tattoos, and the ever-present notes of a ukulele or drum that conjure the stereotypical idea of Tahiti. They s... Read More »

  • The Marquesas: Islands of the Land of Men

    Looming misty mountains, sharp jagged peaks, and waterfalls higher than skyscrapers—nature took its sweet time moulding and sculpting the Marquesas Islands. Known locally as Enua Enata (The Land of Men), the remote islands are replete with powerful silhouettes and jaw-dropping scenery that inspired the fascinating ... Read More »

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